“What’s That?!” Late Night Talk Show

Andre Hugh Mann and his pet Floyd are aliens from Planet Phelt on a mission to understand planet Earth. After meeting a compassionate guidance counsellor named Hobart, these unlikely friends decide that the only way to research human behaviour is by starring in their own late night television show. Tune in to “What’s That?!” to see Andre find out about the human experience.

Andre Hugh Mann
Andre Hugh Mann is an alien from Planet Phelt on a mission to find out everything he can about the human race. He is enjoying earth so far, but wants to get more into the showbiz game and learn from the entertainers. Unlike other felt-like aliens from the past, Andre loves cats!

Morgan Joy
Morgan Joy is a dance and drama instructor for DramaWay. Morgan loves being a puppeteer for Suitcase Theatre’s touring edu-drama productions to Elementary schools in the GTA. Morgan Joy often performs as her alias Peggy Plummer and, as it stands, Peggy gets more gigs than her.

Bobby Knauff
Bobby Knauff is an actor, writer, puppeteer and comedian. Bobby performs stand up comedy across the country; has appeared in numerous commercials and television shows and even dabbles in burlesque from time to time. Bobby is also one half of the sketch duo “The Two Sue’s” with Josh Stone.

Josh Stone
Josh Stone is an actor, writer and comedian. Josh has appeared in numerous short films and plays across the country, has toured and won awards as an improvisor and writes and performs original comedy songs. Josh is also one half of the sketch duo “The Two Sue’s” with Bobby Knauff.

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