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“My Big Fat German Puppet Show”

“My Big Fat German Puppet Show” is an Adult Puppet Show that will delight and terrify you all at once!


Fake Nerd Girl

The totally kick ass, undeniably hilarious, unabashedly awkward tale of one girl’s rise to superhero stardom.


No Elephant Show

A struggle for selfhood, for approval, and for comprehension by the public. The need for transformation as the medium for self-discovery.

Tim and joe - The Chicken and the egg

Tim and Joe Present Joe and Tim

Tim and Joe – Just imagine slapstick and circus skills with the good the looks of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.



Chef Fritz and Sous-Chef Kale are presented with a hectic work shift in the kitchen. Thankfully they have their wine to get them through the night.


Bibi and the Beast

Bibi and the Beast are star-crossed comedic characters who hash out their blissfully opposed differences in a comical tale of human divergence.


Belle of the Ball

Two clowns, one prom, one perfect night – or so they hoped. These clowns face every girl’s nightmare and battle it out to be the belle of the ball.


“What’s That?!” Late Night Talk Show

Andre Hugh Mann and his pet Floyd are aliens who, with the help of their new friend Hobart, start a late night talk show called “What’s That?!”


Angela Delfini Explains It All for You

1 performer. 2 characters. 7 steps to freedom. Can Dr. Delfini take Estrella from beta to version 2.0 and beyond? Probably, but not without your help!


King Pong’s Ping Pong Rodeo

What happens when you put a clown in a room with 1000 ping pong balls? KING PONG!


Clown Invasion

Come be a part of performances that involve you – the audience. Sitting at the back wont help you.


Opening Night Preview Cabaret with Morro & Jasp

Join hosts Morro & Jasp as they debut performances from all of the shows in the festival!


Lunacy Cabaret

Toronto’s raunchiest and longest running clown cabaret. We don’t take ourselves serious so neither should you.