2015 TFOC Lineup Announcement

We are celebrating our Tenth Anniversary of the Toronto Festival of Clowns!  From June 10 to June 14, 2015, join us as Canada’s best Clown and Physical Theatre performers take over Toronto’s Historic Factory Theatre!

Highlights of this Festival include new projects from THEATRE SMITH GILMOUR, KEYSTONE THEATRE, MULLET directed by Chris Gibbs, ADAM LAZARUS, perennial Toronto favourite FOO and PEA GREEN THEATRE brings WAR OF THE CLOWNS directed by Sue Miner.

The 2015 10th anniversary lineup includes:

Theatre Smith Gilmour – The Asshole Project (Toronto)
Savage Cream Puff Productions – Mona Monaé (Vancouver) — Lagaffe – Arti-Chaut (Montreal)
Mi Casa Theatre – Inclement Weather (Ottawa)
Pea Green Theatre – War of the Clowns (Toronto)
Parry Riposte Productions – Much Ado About Feckin’ Pirates! (Ottawa)

QuipTake – Canine (Toronto)
Foo Productions – The Reverend Foo Revival Time (Toronto)
Mark Correia – An Evening of Magic (Montreal)
The Grand Salto – Philip and Lucinda in Existentialism is Hilarious (USA)
Whetstone Productions – Blue (Toronto)
Morgan Joy – Peggy’s Place (Toronto)
Virginia West – Becoming Dapper (Toronto)
Keystone Theatre – A Bit of Business (Toronto)
meMullet – Mullet’s Helpline (Toronto)