Tim and Joe present Joe and Tim

Father ChristmasAn international clown duo combining their talents and sense of humour depart on an absurd adventure. Whether they are singing, spitting on each other or painting fine art, it all seems to make sense until they make a left turn or a U turn or park illegally. Just imagine slapstick and circus skills with the good the looks of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.

Written and directed by:
Tim Tyler and Joe De Paul

Joe De Paul
Canadian clown Joe De Paul, is a veteran of numerous Cirque du Soleil productions, including his debut in Dralion. Joe’s unique physical comedy has brought him critical acclaim in circuses, cabarets and festivals world wide as both a director and performer.

Tim Tyler
Tim as his creation Mr PP has worked extensively for the last thirty five years in theatre, cabaret and variety shows worldwide. His immaculate and enchanting character has won adulation from Variete theatres of Europe, Arts Festivals around the world and at several Royal Command Performances.

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