The Reverend Foo Revival Time

Reverend Foo delivers a fiery sermon, seeks out sinners in the audience, casts out demons, leads a spiritual song all for a small fee…


Come see Reverend Foo’s evangelical tent show. He’ll save your soul or send you to hell. You will love Reverend Foo’s fiery sermon; he’ll cast out demons and heal the afflicted. Meet the man behind the pulpit as he teaches Sunday School and reads letters from his faithful flock…for a fee. Is he a sinner or a saint? You decide!

The Reverend Foo Revival Time is appearing in the Mainspace Theatre
Wednesday June 8th, 8;30pm
Saturday June 10th, 7:00pm
Sunday June 12th, 8:30pm
All tickets are $16.50 and are available online and at the Factory Theatre box office.
Click here to purchase tickets online for this show.

Written by Helen Donnelly with Neil Muscott
Helen and Neil have been co-creating Foo material for many years. Their efforts have been celebrated at past TFOC, Helen’s Foolish Cabaret, and other events in Toronto and beyond.
Director – Neil Muscott
Neil worked for 20 years as a performer and director in improv and clown. He served as the AD of Theatresports, producer of Honest Ed the Bargain Musical and The Comedy Debate. A clown himself, he’s performed at countless venues. Credits: As The Foo Turns, Headspace and Rev. Foo
Performer – Helen Donnelly
Helen has been clowning since 1994 and performs ‘in nose’ in circus, theatre and healthcare. She teaches theatrical and therapeutic clowning forms and offers coaching to advanced students. She produces the popular ‘Foolish Cabaret’ 4 times a year.
Stage Manager – Farnoosh Talebpour
Original music and sound composer –  Matthew Reid

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