Bibi and the Beast

13308741_491351281075349_2454726139088971678_oMeet Bibi, a down to earth Dolly Parton look-a-like who says it like it is. Enter stage right, the competitive, self-centered, and heartless perfectionist with a superiority complex, the Beast. As Murphy’s law will have it, these star-crossed characters are doomed to hash out their blissfully opposed differences in a comical set which will enshrine the universal tale of human divergence.

Directed by:
James Keylon and Francine Côté

Vanessa Kneale
Vanessa has a Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Dance and Business. She was part of Dance Animal (Cirque du Soleil ‘Best Original Production’ 2009), and has since plunged into the art clown and comedy at the Francine Côté Clown and Comedy School and performed internationally in the duo Les Bunheads.

Héloise Binette
Héloise Binette is a clown and burlesque artist graduated from Francine Côté’s Clown&Comedy School and the Arabesque Burlesque School. She’s been part of Les Bunheads & Friends, the Bagel Burlesque Expo Festival 2016, and hosts Café’O Lait Productions’ Brunch Cabaret.

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