Angela Delfini Explains It All for You — a 3/4 Woman Show

curtain callMeet Italy’s greatest export, personality pioneer Dr. Angela Delfini, and her nervous but brave subject, Estrella. Join them on a clownesque seven-step recovery program full of unique challenges and you-can’t-go-home-again transformations. Can the maniacally confident Delfini get the stuck-in-beta Estrella to dance and laugh her way to version 2.0 and beyond?? Probably, but not without your help!

Written by:
Anglea Delfini & John Towsen

Directed by:
John Towsen

Angela Delfini (Montova, Italy)
Angela’s training and performance career have spanned theatre, film, dance, and clown. She is best known for her work in Italy with the Cinema-Theatre of Marciel, and in France with the Ploum Company of Marc Hollogne. She also teaches clown and performs comedy numbers in the streets and in cabarets.

John Towsen (New York City)
John is the author of CLOWNS and of the physical comedy blog ALL FALL DOWN and founded the NY International Clown-Theatre Festival. He began his performance career at the age of 7, and 6 decades later is still writing, teaching and directing, as well as running the New York City Physical Comedy Lab.

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