War of the Clowns

A pair of impoverished 17th Century street performers (Vilhelm and Schpitl) try to perfect their “William Tell” clown routine. They are rudely interrupted by a bloodthirsty, clown-hating military man named Captain General Vaggis.They flee for their lives to the more “artist friendly” city of Berne. Vilhelm and Schpitl hope to celebrate Fasnacht with the good citizens of Berne but they are immediately caught up in a peasant revolt.

They join forces with a cynical peasant leader in a desperate attempt to fend off the Captain General’s massive army. And so the stage is set for the first (and only) War of the Clowns.

War of the Clowns by Mark Brownell, directed by Sue Miner

Wed June 10, 8pm
Sat June 13, 8:00pm
Sun June 14, 3:45pm

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