Triple Bill










TRIPLE BILL 3 clowns 3 shows 1 hour

Triple Bill presents a trio of Toronto’s favourite fools: Rachelle ElieEric Miinch and Stevie Jay.  Join this wild ride through comedy, chaos and absurdity in three mini pieces.

Bridezilla crashes through the streets of Toronto leaving a trail of shredded wedding invitations and ex-fiancés in her wake.

Legendary actor D’Artangan Ham presents his career-forging workshop for a lucky handful of thespians.

Kornhol the wayward disciple of God roams the world with a handkerchief as his only companion, inadvertently leaving a trail of destruction behind him.

Jump on this wild ride through laughter and disorder!

Thursday June 2nd – 8:00 pm

Saturday June 4th – 6:30 pm
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