Triple Bill #3

A triple bill of three 20 minute shows featuring; High Tea, Blue and Mal and Mullet.  All performances are at the Brockton Collective venue.

High Tea

James and Jamesy

British critically acclaimed physical comedy duo James & Jamesy (of the 2013 Fringe Festival smash hit ‘2 for Tea’) lure you into their delightfully bizarre world with their innocence and endearing chemistry. A friendship fused by a weekly tea party between two unlikely friends, High Tea is a story of finding freedom by trusting those you love. Their respective idiosyncrasies and the peculiar formalities of their tea rituals bring vitality to the mundane, turning an ordinary tea party into a fantastic wonderland of stimulation and play.

Bring a teacup.

written and performed by James Brown and Jamesy Evans | Directed by David MacMurray Smith

★★★★★ – “Complete and utter fun.” CBC

★★★★½ – “True genius.” Beat, London

“A truly fun riff on British farce that’s steeped in playfulness, meticulous physical comedy, and an unabashed love for the unexpected.” CV Victoria

“An irresistible delight. Their unusual combination of verbal and physical comedy with improvisation involving audience members put the ‘play’ (as in spontaneous fun) back into ‘play’ (as in theatre). One reason for the glee that greets the performers is the way they remind an adult audience of the children they once were, and still are.” Stage Door, Toronto.

BEST OF FEST, Winnipeg







Jon Lauchlan Stewart and Ben Wheelwright

Every once in a while, a special baby is dropped from the mouth of a stork: a baby destined to take over the entire world as the newest most go-get-em entrepreneur. Bertram Blue is not that baby. Come watch Bertram Blue, the classic every man, fail at every turn! Whether it’s family life, religion, the common job, or even connecting with the homeless, Bertram is an absolute, complete failure! Watch Bertram fall! Watch Bertram meet those like him in heaven! Watch Bertram overcome his own desire for perfection, and find true meaning!

BLUE is a solo pantomime with projections to George Gershwin’s musical masterpiece, Rhapsody in Blue. Enter the twisted world of the American dream, a cartoon over-the-top search for inner paradise. Let us overjoy you.

Created by Jon Lachlan Stewart and Vincent Forcier | Performed by Jon Lachlan Stewart and Ben Wheelwright



Mal and Mullet: First Date

Jean-Paul Mullet and Rachelle Elie

Mal and Mullet are two clowns looking for love. They meet for the first time on a blind date. It begins as most dates do: sweet, awkward, full of potential. Then things go terribly wrong. Can Mal and Mullet bridge their differences and find true love?

Created and Performed by Rachelle Elie and Jean-Paul Mullet | Clown coaching by Byron Laviolette



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