Triple Bill #2

Three 20 minute shows in one time slot featuring; Astrid, A Shoddy Magician and Let’s Get Out of Here. Shows take place at the Brockton Collective.


Grace Fitzpatrick

The character is Astrid. She appears to be a German schoolgirl. Perhaps an adult. She is austere yet playful. Distant. Dark and whimsical.

The setting is both a tower in a city and a theatre with an audience. Paper everywhere. A desk. A garbage bin.

In this world Astrid must play out a daily ritual of going through a pile of information before she can speak to the people in the city. In the theatre she must explain what she has placed in the space, her inspirations and ideas, before she can speak her text.

Inspired by mythology, art, music, literature and peanut butter sandwiches, Astrid is a show based on the individual’s desire to connect and communicate in an information-saturated world in order to find truth and meaning.

“There is only the hope of being understood”

Written and performed by Grace Fitzpatrick | Directed by Adam Lazarus and Jodi Essery.

A Shoddy Magician

Steven Boleantu

His title speaks for his act – the Shoddy Magician is otherwise nameless and refuses to perform the same trick twice… the same way. His questionable showmanship is out of this world – though in turnaround it will be that which will make you fall in love with him. Tonight you are going to get the whole rabbit out of the hat. It’s a promise.

Created and Performed by Steven Boleantu








Let’s Get Out of Here

Jesse Buck

Alone and afraid, surrounded by the chaos and noise of the bustling city a lone Clown looks for a means of escape. Unwittingly he opens a doorway to a world ruled by the creatures of our Saturday mornings. Where our sugar laced fantasies come to life. Epic battles with mythical beasts and journeys of the imagination, the Clown must become the Hero of this universe to save his own from the invading army of the ridiculous. A live action cartoon reminiscent of Terry Gilliam, Ralph Bakshi and Bugs Bunny.

Created and performed by Jesse Buck | Directed by Allen Michael Brunet

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