Triple Bill #1

Three 20 minute shows featuring The Parker and Seville Show. The Surprise and Capo Di Caporeira.

The Parker and Seville Show

Parker and Seville

WHOA WHOA! HOT DOG! WOLLY GOLLY DING DONG DAY! Parker & Seville are a Vaudeville comedy duo in the style of the great comedy duos of the early twentieth century, but with modern jokes and sensibility that make for a real unique experience.

Parker & Seville take from the Vaudeville tradition the same elements modern comedy taste finds distasteful – hamminess, flop sweat, a desperation to please, constant movement and naked appeals for laughs from the audience – and add a modern sense of irony and absurdism.

They start each vaudeville set with a barrage of dancing, gladhanding, contortions, flapping of jacket lapels, waving of hats, and vocal eruptions. After several minutes of desperate attempts at connection with the audience they proceed into a series of jokes, puns and routines that use broad gestures, singing and dancing. It’s a lot of fun.

Created and Performed by Dave Barclay (Parker) and Matt Kowall (Seville)

“Watching Parker and Seville is like hopping into a time machine back to the days of Vaudeville. The two man act is brimming with silly puns, over the top mugging, and downright clever gags. Their style might not strike a chord with everyone, but it’s definitely a fun alternative to traditional sketch comedy.” –

“Parker and Seville are masters of vaudeville shaped words. You’ll be laughing and you’re not sure why.” – Michelle L’Amour, Miss Exotic World 2005

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The Surprise

Christel Bartelse

It’s a party and you’re all invited!!!

From 4 time Canadian Comedy Award nominee and creator or shows “CHAOTICA”, “ONEymoon” and last year’s Triple Bill “Significant Me”  comes a brand new clown piece guaranteed to be a “Surprise”.

Ginger is thrilled to be throwing a Surprise party for her Guest of Honour. Ginger preps the audience, “YOU” who transform into guests at the Party, dressed in party hats and horns before the guest arrives. A high energy, interactive, roller coaster of emotions. This Party piece changes every time based on the audience… But there is always cake!!

Created and Performed by Christel Bartelse | Coaching by Francine Côté



Capo Di Caporeira

Stephen La Frenie and Dana Fradkin

The setting is Toronto. The city has been awarded the Pan American Games! What a wonderful opportunity for the city! What a wonderful opportunity for the Mayor, his worship, Robert “Ford Tough” Truckster, to cap off his controversial term as leader of North America’s most culturally diverse cities. A lover of contact sports he has arranged to have the Brazilian martial art, Capoeira entered as a demonstration sport in the games and has secretly bribed the leading Capoeira instructor and Brazilian National Coach, Capitana Brazilante Fanticasta De Third to train the Mayor’s only Capoeira participant on whom he, in one of his famous stupors, has gambled all of the city’s snow clearing budget. Always the “hands on”, progress making, municipal leader that he is, he arranges to meet with her in secret to agree to the terms but, being the “hands off”, firm believer in plausible deniability, municipal leader that he is, also arranges one of his new office assistants, poor, innocent, Stefan Stuttererman to do the actual bribery exchange. Stefan is mistaken by the Arlecchino, the Capitana’s prize student, to be the Mayor’s chosen competitor and is put through a very painful, martial and political, training session.

Created and Performed by Dana Fradkin and Stephen La Frenie

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