Triple Bill 1: The Reverend Foo Revival Time


The Reverend Foo Revival Time is a parody of the traveling evangelical tent show.

Come witness Reverend Foo deliver a fiery sermon, track down sinners, heal the sick and cast out demons. Join in a rousing spiritual song! Of course, the collection plate will circulate in order to keep the prayers flowing– and Reverend Foo in new suits!

This interactive rollicking ride draws believers to Reverend Foo—and you, too, will be swept up in the tide of ‘truth’ and will sing, testify—even speak in tongues!

He asks life’s most important question:
Are you prepared to meet your clown maker?

DIRECTOR/co-creator: Neil Muscott

The Reverend Foo Revival Time is part of Triple Bill 1

Thur June 11, 6:15pm
Sat June 13, 8:30pm
Sun June 14, 4pm



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