The Lion Tamer

Meet Fernando in an incredible number of lion taming. Be amazed by the savage talent of Sisi, an impressive yet dangerous lion!


“Come meet the great Fernando in an incredible number of lion taming, an all but lost art from traditional circuses. You will be amazed by the savage talent of Sisi, a dangerous lion that stands more than 20 feet tall and weighing in at more than 800 pounds!” With such a description, Ti-Cul and Burn Out are convinced that they will create a splash at the circus and maybe even get a promotion. But the number takes a turn for the worst once they find out about the death of Sisi mid-show. It is then with ingenuity that they manage to save their number from disaster without anyone noticing. Well almost…

Ti-Cul and Burn Out, a clown duo in which conflict is ever present. Him, never in a hurry, gives himself manly men roles while leaving the role of the assistant to Burn Out. Her, impatient and on the edge of a meltdown, runs everywhere to make everything work to perfection. Whether they are champion synchronized swimmers from Gatineau, or hypnotists, or even lion tamers, they are convinced to have all the talent needed to succeed in a circus. But the reality is much different. Will their cunning be enough to get through this?

The Lion Tamer is part of the Triple Bill in the Studio Space
Wednesday June 8th, 7:15pm
Saturday June 11th, 8:45pm
Sunday June 12th, 4:15pm
Tickets are $16.50 and are available available online or at the Factory Theatre box office.
Click here for online ticket purchase for this show.

Directed by: James Keylon
James ‘Alfredo’ Keylon is an American clown/writer/director living in Quebec who has over 30 years experience in mime, clown and theatre. He is now teaching workshops in Mime and movement, a Creative laboratory (with Francine Côté) and slapstick class (with Roch Jutras).

Original idea/Performers: Simon Larouche and Évelyne Laniel
Simon Larouche
Graduate from the Clown and Comedy School of Francine Côté, Simon has 12 years of experience of stage and improv. He has co-founded the MIR in addition to the Carrousel. Other than his stage work, Simon is also a painter. He also works as a member of the Quebec Cerebral Palsy Sports Association.

Évelyne Laniel
Graduate from the Clown and Comedy School of Francine Côté, Évelyne also studied theatre at Danielle Fichaud’s workshops and Jean-Pierre Bergeron’s workshops. Her work is influenced by her experience in improv and in animation. In addition to her artistic career, she gives clown and theatre lessons.

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