Triple Bill 1: Philip and Lucinda in Existentialism is Hilarious

PhilLu 2sm

Meet Philip and Lucinda: the world’s greatest comedy-acrobatic-kazoo-duo and amateur philosophers. Philip and Lucinda want to bring their love of “wordy, dead-old-white guys” to the stage but their managers don’t think existential philosophy is funny. The managers have given our heroes 10-minutes to prove their point. With help from the Wheel of Philosophy, Philip and Lucinda explore and exploit as many existentialist classics as time allows. In the end the audience will decide the fate of Philip and Lucinda.

Philip and Lucinda – Performers
Zita Nyarady – Manager
Myque Franz – Manager

The Gand Salto Theatre is part of Triple Bill 1

Thur June 11, 6:15pm
Sat June 13, 8:30pm
Sun June 14, 4pm


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