Snack Music

“Like a house party, only funnier.” ★★★★★-CBC



Snack Music weaves together true stories in a way that is hyper-theatrical and immediate–and involves playing with your food. The show is part house-party, part improv, and part highly-choreographed storytelling.

At the show, a brave audience member chooses to step on stage and tell a true story from their life. The audience then gets to sit back and watch the Snack Music artists recreate that story for them, puppeteering snack-related objects: kitchen implements, fresh fruits, and vegetables. The protagonist might be an onion, running through a hailstorm of marshmallows, taking refuge in a hot tub made out of a bread bowl.

The Snack Music team has puppeteered people’s stories of first dates, awkward sex, dying of cancer, getting lost on the first day of kindergarten, and babies pooping all over their parents! Their mission: to build a temporary community out of the audience – in sixty minutes or less.

“An absolute riot and you wish it just didn’t have to end. ★★★★★” – On Stage Ottawa
“Like something out of a Jean-Pierre Jeunet movie. ★★★★” – Now Magazine
“Snack Music – everyone’s talking about it and everyone’s going to keep talking about it.” – ReStage Podcast
“SNAFU’s work is always informed by a deep and profound reverence for taking risks and choosing to be vulnerable. Snack Music is about trying to get people to open up to each other and dabble in that space where marvellous things happen: tell us a story — a silly, secret story — and we promise to love you back.” – Mooney on Theatre

Produced by SNAFU and the Snack Music Collective

Snack Music is appearing in the Mainspace Theatre
Wednesday June 8th, 7:00pm
Thursday June 9th, 8:30pm
Saturday June 11th, 4:00pm
Tickets are $16.50 and are available online and at the Factory Theatre box office.
Click here to purchase tickets online for this show.

Co-Writer / Director – Ginette Mohr

A Toronto-based director, performer, and playwright, Ginette seeks to fire up imaginations and cultivate new work through playful explorations of performance and design. Her productions have garnered a Cultch Theatre Award, a Canadian Comedy Award, and several Dora Awards.
Co-Writer / Performer – Ingrid Hansen
Raised by gregarious Danish nudists, Ingrid Hansen loves talking to strangers. She is the Co-Artistic Director of SNAFU Dance Theatre, and tours often with her shows Little Orange Man and Kitt & Jane. On TV, Ingrid is a lead puppeteer forTiga Talk! on APTN.
Co-Writer / Performer – Elliott Loran
A west coast native currently residing in Toronto, Elliott has been playing piano for 22 years. Elliott received a Toronto Theatre Critics Award and Broadway World Award for his performance as Ricky Potts in the Dora Award-winning production Ride the Cyclone. In 2014 made his Stratford Debut.
Co-Writer / Performer – Andrew G. Young

Andrew Young works as an actor, director and puppeteer. He has performed in Nuit Blanche North, SummerWorks, and Les Trois Jours De Casteliers International Puppetry Festival, and directed the award-winning show Paleoncology.

* Artists appear with the permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.

Thank you to the the Puppetmongers, the Theatre Creator’s Reserve and the Ontario Arts Council for their support of the initial development of this piece.

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