Gather ’round, gather ’round! Bravo and Ink’s Perfectly Legitimate Self-Improvement products are bound to astound! It’s the Secret’s secret’s secret!


Brought together by clown director Byron Laviolette, Phil Koole and Liam Morris began working on their clown duo Bravo and Ink in September of 2014 by studying with Peter Jarvis. The summer of 2015 saw them performing improv based pieces in various parks across the city of Toronto. These performances are the basis of their inaugural stage piece entitled Slanted.
Slanted takes the form of a live product demonstration, with Bravo and Ink getting audience members (perhaps, even willingly) onstage to wow them with their selection of life-changing, “trans-homeopathic” marvels. Included among their products: a tincture for re-hydrating the body, composed of specially formulated dihydrogen oxide and purple colour! Tablets to cure any conceivable ailment (as long as the ailment is “lack of beer nuts”)! Positive affirmation audio sessions, available in both mono (Bravo following you around, yelling encouraging things at you) and stereo (Bravo and Ink following you around, yelling encouraging things at you)!
Audience members will have the opportunity to either encourage and play-along with Bravo and Ink’s flim-flamming, or stymy and undermine the demonstration.
Together, Bravo and Ink have peddled their wares all across the country, from Bowmanville, to Uptown Bowmanville, to Pontypool, to slightly west of Bowmanville, hitting all the stops in between. They’ve now come to the TFC to dazzle audiences with their preternatural healing powers.
And the only thing standing in their way to becoming the next godheads of the self-improvement scene, besides the audience, is their own inevitable realization that it’s all a horrible lie.

Slanted is part of the Triple Bill in the Studio Space
Wednesday June 8th, 7:15pm
Saturday June 11th, 8:45pm
Sunday June 12th, 4:15pm
Tickets are $16.50 and are available available online or at the Factory Theatre box office.
Click here for online ticket purchase for this show.

Director – Byron Laviolette
Byron Laviolette is the director and dramaturg for the Morro and Jasp clown series. Morro and Jasp have received numerous awards including a 2014 Canadian Comedy Award, a 2012 Dora Mavor Moore Awards as well as over 10 NOW Magazine Awards. 2015 marks U.N.I.T. Productions’ Tenth Anniversary.

Performer – Phil Koole
Phil Koole is a journeyman Toronto clown. A professional Therapeutic Clown who has performed all across Toronto and internationally. Nominated for Outstanding Ensemble, NOW @ Toronto Fringe. He has studied with instructors Helen Donnelly, John Turner, and Peter Jarvis.
Performer – Liam Morris
Liam studied collective-based theatre at York, is a gifted writer and performer, and has collaborated in various theatre projects across Toronto. Named for Outstanding Ensemble @ Toronto Fringe ’09, NOW. Is Ink of the clown duo “Bravo and Ink” and is currently studying clown with Peter Jarvis.
Stage Manager – Sarah Miller

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