Red Nose District

A night crammed full of clowns, physical comedy, bouffon, mime, commedia and vaudeville. The Red Nose District brings together Old Clowns! New Clowns! Absentee Clowns! Clown Clowns!  No clown cars though (as far as we’ve been told)

The Red Nose District continues in the tradition of classic Toronto clown shows such as Space Night, Cirque du Poulet and Clown Chowder.

Hosted by Morro and Jasp

Morro and Jasp Director/Co-creator – Byron Laviolette

The Lineup:

Carina Gaspar & Pola Tumarkin

Chloe Payne

Tracy Jutras

Christine Lesiak

Sandra Battaglini, Precious Chong, Phil Luzi and Christopher Sawchyn

Diana Kolpak & Shantelle Simone Landry

Adam Paolozza

Peter Jarvis

Helen Donnelly

Jan Stirling Twist

Thursday June 2nd – 9:30pm
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