Red Nose does Date Night

In an all-red nose night, Morro and Jasp host the dating game of the century. With seventeen clowns competing for love, it’s guaranteed to be an evening full of steamy surprises, fiery faux pas, and tantalizing romance. Don’t miss this one time event!

The Red Nose District continues in the tradition of classic Toronto clown shows such as Space Night, Cirque du Poulet and Clown Chowder.

Hosted by Morro & Jasp

Morro and Jasp Director/Co-creator – Byron Laviolette

Performances by Kate Dunbar, Laura Anne Harris, Isaac LuyShawn Postoff, Alicia DiStefano, Dana Fradkin, Phil Koole, Ken Hall, Isaac Kessler, Mark AndradaKathleen LeRoux, Mackenzie Muldoon, Christine Lesiak, Nicole Ratjen, Pola Tumarkin, Rachel Resnick, and Denise Oliver


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