Red Nose District

It’s the end of the world and the clowns invite you to share in life’s final moments with them.  A one-time only event full of mourning, mayhem and the kind of chaos that only red nose clowns can deliver.

Come to the fall-out shelter with canned goods so we can all be prepared for the apocalypse together.
Hosted By Morro and Jasp

Featuring performances by Mullet, Botchie Bobbie (Kate Dunbar), Pluk (Marleen Van Os), Sheshells & Rocket (Christine Lesiak & Adam Keefe), Figgy (Pola Tumarkin), Princess Penelope Pamplemousse (Nicole Ratjen), Boobily & Kakao (Isaac Luy & Mackenzie Muldoon), Moo (Michael Hughes), Janet Cardinal (Laura Harris), and Kathleen LeRoux


Thursday May 31st @ 9:30pm

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