Red Nose District

Due to Jasp’s tantrum at last year’s festival, she’s been sent away to Anger Management boot camp. Problem is, Morro badly needs a co-host for the show and Toronto’s best clowns have ALL applied for the job. The clowns will have to endure competitions a la Survivor, Hunger Games, and Fear Factor to win the coveted spot – with Jasp watching everyone and every move they make via the big screen. Come watch the clowns get down and dirty and help decide who will be the Host with the Most in Red Nose District: Big Sister is Watching You.



Performances by: Mark Andrada, Helen Donnelly (Foo), Kate Dunbar (Botchie Bobbie), Alicia Di Stefano, Michael Hughes, Shawn Postoff (Sir Porridge), Pola Tumarkin (Figgy), Christine Lesiak and Adam Keefe (Sheshells and Rocket), Kathleen LeRoux, Laura Anne Harris, Mackenzie Muldoon & Isaac Luy (Boobily & Kakao), Nicole Ratjen (Princess Penelope Pamplemousse) and Phil Koole


Morro and Jasp – Amy Lee and Heather Marie Annis | Directed by Byron Laviolette



– The Red Nose District show was created to provide a space for new clowns, returning clowns and veteran clowns to create and hone new material in front of a supportive audience. The Red Nose District continues in the tradition of classic Toronto clown shows such as Space Night, Cirque du Poulet and Clown Chowder.

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