Triple Bill 2: Peggy’s Place

PeggyPlummer sm

‘Peggy’s Place’ tells the story of a lower class, karaoke singing, couch-surfer who finally settles down into her first home. This is Peggy’s safe place where she seeks counsel from the creatures and appliances who inhabit the apartment but when rent is due, Peggy figures out that being a karaoke superstar doesn’t pay the bills and she will have to find ways to finance her new abode.

Join Peggy as she searches for answers and turns to the World Wide Web for help, trying everything to fund her palace, from back-alley anal glad extraction to sourcing a roommate on Craigslist.

Performed and written by: Morgan Joy
Puppeteer: Paul Barnes
Directed by Christopher Sawchyn

Peggy’s Place, part of Triple Bill 2

Thur June 11, 8:30pm
Sat June 13, 4:30pm
Sun June 14, 7:35pm


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