Mullet’s Night Show

Toronto’s favourite zombie clown is back from the dead to bring you Mullet’s Night Show! This hit monthly live cabaret done in the style of a late night television talk show has been going strong for a year and a half. Once again, Mullet will be joined by regular co-host Robin Archer and an eclectic variety of guests that only a zombie could dig up.

Performances by 2-Man No-Show (Isaac Kessler and Ken Hall), Katy Perry (Amy J. Lester), Rosie (Anvita Winter) and Bruce Hunter









“Reminded me of the Golden Age of late-night TV talk.” –Mooney on Theatre

“Whereas zombies just want your brains, Mullet wants your heart too.” –The Zombie Sartorialist (Mullet’s Make-a-Play review)

“The next clown who could make it big like Mump & Smoot or Morro & Jasp.” –


May 30th @ 10pm

Unit 102 – 376 Dufferin St.

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