Double Bill: Mona Monaé


Mona Monaé

Lighting up a crowd with her luscious bubble butt Mona Monaé maniacally dances a tense tightrope between devilish provocation, ancestral shame and childlike vulnerability. She invites self-healing through perversion and slutty-ness… and enjoys sharing. Mona Monaé is a necessary experience that you won’t forget.



“Priscilla Costa’s, ‘Mona Monaé’ at the InJest Festival of Clown and Play brought the house down! Simply put Monaé was right on the money! She brought wonderful, skillful playfulness and great audience rapport into a brilliant and dynamic balance between devilish provocation and a mother’s embrace. Priscilla’s Mona Monaé danced effortlessly through multiple feminine archetypes in a manner that both celebrated and skewered them, and ultimately transcended them as she zeroed in to the heart of how “innocently” hypocritical human beings can behave under the influence of their desire and in the face off between their spirituality and their sexuality. The audience leapt to their feet with delight and satisfaction. More Monaé please!”

– David MacMurray Smith, Injest Festival

“Hideously wily, exquisitely wicked, elegantly perverse and profoundly awkward, Priscilla’s performance is an extremely charming and necessary experience” – Guilt & Comedy, Vancouver

“She is terrifying and delightful at the same time… a really captivating performer” – Shameless Productions, Biltmore Cabaret

“The woman in black dealing with female sexuality… that was one of the best clown turns that I had ever seen!” — R.H., Injest Festival

Featuring: Priscilla Costa

Mona Monaé is part of the Double Bill
Thurs June 11, 6pm
Sat June 13, 6pm
Sun June 14, 5:30pm

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