La Gnole de Tante Christine est Imbuvable (Aunt Aggie’s Gut Rot is Undrinkable)

“La Gnole de Tante Christine est Imbuvable” is a modern bouffon play written in 1987 by Philippe Gaulier.

It is the story of two women who dream to have children, but one is infertile, and the other a virgin. Marie is married to Joseph, who seems to prefer carpentry than to stoking the fires of the wood at home. Élizabeth is an older, sexually liberated woman who’s been trying to get pregnant for years by her idiotic husband, Zacharia.

One day, “le patron” (boss) sends his favorite messanger Gabriel downtown to give the girls some good news…

performed by Jayne Walling (Elizabeth) and Julie Maingonnat (Marie) | directed by Balthazar Gaulier | written by Philippe Gaulier

Performed in French with English Subtitles

A Red Rabbit Theatre Production


Thursday May 31st @ 6:15pm
Sunday June 3rd @ 7pm

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