A clown having trouble dealing with life issues in his home country decides to come to “the first world” searching for a new beginning. Only to realize that the issues that afflict him laid always within himself.

In this enchanting and highly physical solo clown piece, Isaac Luy embodies an immigrant from Caracas, Venezuela, who, with childlike wonder, discovers the joys of living in Canada while reminiscing about his life and family back home. Sweet, sad and funny, Luy transforms himself into many characters, including numerous friends and relatives, fearsome thugs and Alejandro’s younger self. Some scenes turn dark, but the overall feeling is of buoyancy and optimism.

Written and Performed by Isaac Luy

Directed by Francine Côté and James Keylon

A few words from the Writer:

The production is centred around the changes in the life of a person. It explores the complicated relationships we as humans build with objects, places and the people that come into our lives. The only true rule of nature that persists over time is that things are in constant change, everything is impermanent, and yet humanity has struggled with being able to accept these changes and move on, we cling and crave the experiences and possessions that we think are going to make us happy and desperately avoid the experiences that we think will make us unhappy. This project explores the story (based on actual facts) of a latin american immigrant whose life gets shaken up and forces him to take the decision of moving to Canada, leaving everything he is, behind. Gaining new perspective on past experiences that we deem painful or delightful, sometimes requires us to go through unexpected processes in life. In this production we try to remind people of this human condition, remind people of this need to cling or avoid things instead of developing the ability to deal with them and let them serve us. If we have the choice on how to deal and react to life, we are ultimately responsible of our own happiness.




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