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Triple Bill #10

Trinkets Have you ever wondered what happens when you die? Anudeus has all the answers. Assistant to the one and only death, Anudeus crosses this world and the next on a regular basis. Although, this line of work can become rather demanding at times so Anudeus has decided to take the night off and go…
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Triple Bill #11

A vs. B As the old jewpanese proverb goes: Savage wound will clot in time but savage word has no watch.  In the style of etiquette films from the 50s, Action and reaction is debated as two people bump into each other, over and over and over again Written by Mariko Tamaki and Lindy Zucker…
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Triple Bill #12

Headspace An ordinary day.  Foo, a business man, is en route to the office. A screech of brakes, a flash of light and Foo wakes up in a strange world where nothing seems familiar. The physical surroundings, even his clothes are all completely different…and frightening.  Foo tries to make sense of it all: the weird…
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