Bouffon Night

The freaks and geeks are poised and ready to pounce!

This year, the evening will be hosted by the incomparable Ken Hall and features some of North America’s nastiest nasties, including:

Performances by Elizabeth Anacleto, Melissa D’Agostino, Sebastien Heins, Adam Lazarus, Christine Lesiak, Hart Massey, Dave McKay, The Naked Bouffon Empire (San Francisco), Meagan O’Shea

Also this year, The Aristocrats – Bouffon style: Some of our cities top minds have been given the challenge to pick a subject and take it way too far. They have three minutes to gross you out, make you think, make you squirm, make you laugh…           See you in the swamps!


May 31st @ 9:30pm

Pia Bouman Studio Theatre – 6 Noble St.

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