Boom Boom vs. The Uncommon Colds

Let’s get ready to rumble! Boom Boom picks up two awful colds with sights on world domination. Can he shake off the illness in time to save humanity?

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Boom Boom vs. The Uncommon Colds is a thirty minute three person clown performance, featuring Edmonton-based artists Joel Bazin, Anastasia Maywood and John Marian. Produced by Just Breathe Theatre, written by Joel Bazin, directed by Morgan Nadeau the work premiered in the 2015 Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival and featured highly physical performances, audience interaction and a classic story of good vs bad.

Boom Boom is a clown enjoying his life, he has decided to take himself out for a perfect day. It just so happens to be the day he picks up two terrible colds. Inside his body Gritty and Slimy, our two colds, settle in and wage war on Boom Boom’s insides. This may be the fight of and for Boom Boom’s life! It is the Pandemic Championship of the world! These nasty, gnarly and potentially deadly colds have stepped up to infect earth no matter the cost, all starting with Boom Boom, our un witting patient zero. Getting drawn into an all out brawl with the Uncommon Colds realizes Boom Boom made a terrible mistake. Boom Boom with a drippy nose and sore throat knows that they must be stopped. It is his duty to protect the good people of the world from both of these terrible colds. Through a series of missteps, humour, physical fight scenes and a classic fight movie montage, Boom Boom faces off against the evil colds. Can he shake off the illness in time to save humanity?

Watch as Boom Boom and The Uncommon Colds infect you with laughter and make you squirm in your seat. A physical theatre event that doesn’t pull any punches! It is no fun being sick unless you are a clown!

Boom Boom vs The Common Colds is appearing as part of the Double Bill in the Mainspace Theatre
Thursday June 9th, 7:00 pm
Friday June 10th, 8:30 pm
Sunday June 12th, 7:00 pm
Tickets are available online and at the Factory Theatre box office.
Click here to purchase tickets online for this show.


Writer – Joel Bazin
Joel Bazin graduated from the University of Alberta Arts and Theatre arts program at MacEwan. Just Breathe Theatre has produced False Start: Beginning of a Fool, Showdown at The Az, A Golden Gala, Jason and the Golden Fleece and Boom Boom vs. The Uncommon Colds at the Edmonton Fringe.

Director – Morgan Nadeau
Stage Manager – Scott Garland
Joel Bazin
Joel studied Pochinko clown with Jan Henderson and discovered his alter ego Boom Boom. Boom Boom has been roving around Canada since 2007. Recently, Joel and Boom Boom have been working out new material at the E-Town clown cabaret and Edmonton Fringe Festival.
Anastasia Maywood
Anastasia Maywood is a dance artist living and working in Edmonton. She has a BA Honors (Drama) from University of Alberta and an MFA in Choreography from York University. She has performed and had her work presented in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.
John Marian
John roves as his alter-ego Chaz at the E-Town Clown Cabaret, The Happy Accidents Presents Something Vaudeville, and the Kaleido Festival. He has also performed the Lindy Hop, travelling to take dance workshops, and help run Hit That Jive Productions, a non-profit dance and theatre production group.

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