Triple Bill 1: BLUE

Blue Show Image with Title cropped

Sally has a rip-roaring story to tell: full of romance, betrayal, adventure, magic and tragedy. Too bad she’s under a curse that prevents her from speaking (that’s what happens when you strike a bargain to give up your tail in exchange for some legs). But she is allowed to sing and, with a little help from you, maybe, just maybe, the truth will out, and Sally’s heart will be set free.

Clown meets the Blues by way of  30’s Berlin cabaret with a little detour through Las Vegas in this micro-play version of a new solo show. Brought to you by the creative team behind the pie-battle extravaganza The Antidote.

Writer/performer: Diana Kolpak
Director: David Benjamin Tomlinson


Blue is part of Triple Bill 1
Thur June 11, 6:15pm
Sat June 13, 8:30pm
Sun June 14, 4pm


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