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Angela Delfini Explains It All for You — a 3/4 Woman Show

Meet Italy’s greatest export, personality pioneer Dr. Angela Delfini, and her nervous but brave subject, Estrella. Join them on a clownesque seven-step recovery program full of unique challenges and you-can’t-go-home-again transformations. Can the maniacally confident Delfini get the stuck-in-beta Estrella to dance and laugh her way to version 2.0 and beyond?? Probably, but not without…
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My Big Fat German Puppet Show

“My Big Fat German Puppet Show” distills 35 years of professional puppeteering experience into one wacky, unexpected roller coaster ride of surprises guaranteed to poke your eye and tickle your funny bone. Winner of the coveted “Just For Laughs Best Comedy Award”. Don’t miss it. Written and directed by: Frank Meschkuleit Frank Meschkuleit 37 Years…
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Tim and Joe present Joe and Tim

An international clown duo combining their talents and sense of humour depart on an absurd adventure. Whether they are singing, spitting on each other or painting fine art, it all seems to make sense until they make a left turn or a U turn or park illegally. Just imagine slapstick and circus skills with the…
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Red Nose District

Toronto’s own Adult Baby Cupid takes you on an adventure of Love and Clowning, in this year’s Red Nose District.
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Student Soiree

The Student Soirée features the best work to come out of recent physical theatre workshops from teachers across the country.
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The Lion Tamer

Meet Fernando in an incredible number of lion taming. Be amazed by the savage talent of Sisi, an impressive yet dangerous lion!
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Monsieur Faux Pas’ Aha!

A clown tries on many “hats”, personas and characters to discover who he is. Each thing he learns about himself as he plays with the world is an “aha” moment. Each laugh (a ha) he gets is a gift.
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The Sama Kutra

Sizzle and Spark blunder their way through a night of ridiculous erotic antics. Can the secrets of the ancient Sama Kutra save their marriage?
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