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Belle of the Ball

Two clowns, one prom, one perfect night – or so they thought. Competing classmates encounter every girl’s worst prom nightmares, and battle it out to be the belle of the ball. Written by: Chae Aitchison & Sharilyn Johnson Directed by: Jeff Kearns Performed by: Chae Aitchison, Sharilyn Johnson and Bernard Westcott Chae Aitchison Chae has…
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Clown Invasion Cabaret

Toronto’s newest monthly clown cabaret hits the big stage at the Toronto Festival of Clowns. Jean-Paul Mullet and Adult Baby Cupid will introduce you to some of Toronto’s best clowns. There is never a seat safe from audience interaction during the invasion.
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Lunacy Cabaret

Lunacy Cabaret is a wildly popular, no-holds-barred vaudeville show like no other. It’s a showcase of clown, circus, burlesque, buffoon, music, stand-up & character comedy. AN ECCENTRIC EVENING OF CLOWN, CIRCUS, COMEDY, MUSIC & GENERAL BUFFOONERY! TAKE NOTE! Lunacy Cabaret participants are uncensored. Some content WILL be offensive to some audience members. 19+
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“What’s That?!” Late Night Talk Show

Andre Hugh Mann and his pet Floyd are aliens from Planet Phelt on a mission to understand planet Earth. After meeting a compassionate guidance counsellor named Hobart, these unlikely friends decide that the only way to research human behaviour is by starring in their own late night television show. Tune in to “What’s That?!” to…
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NoElephantShow – clown’s adventure to oneself

Watch the undisguised transformation under the mask of a clown a and join in on the beautiful, melancholy, and riotous journey for self-discovery. Unleash the real circus within through seductive audience play, intense soul searching, and gut-busting clown antics ablaze with an acute need for self acceptance and a desire to be loved. Written by:…
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“Scarabouche!” was featured in several clown festivals and cabarets in Toronto, and has been very well-received by many audiences across the city. Notable performances include two appearances in The Foolish Cabaret, The Lunacy Cabaret, The Figment Festival, The Holiday Show and the New Voices Festival (RTS). The piece was also filmed at the Select Bistro,…
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Bibi and the Beast

Meet Bibi, a down to earth Dolly Parton look-a-like who says it like it is. Enter stage right, the competitive, self-centered, and heartless perfectionist with a superiority complex, the Beast. As Murphy’s law will have it, these star-crossed characters are doomed to hash out their blissfully opposed differences in a comical set which will enshrine…
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Fake Nerd Girl

Ridiculously epic and epically ridiculous, “Fake Nerd Girl” is the story of one girl’s rise to superhero stardom! This is feminist geekery at its finest: hilarious, awkward and totally kick ass! “Nerd paradise with an awesome message behind it! “Fake Nerd Girl” knows how it should be done!” – Our London Written by: Chloe Payne…
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King Pong’s Ping Pong Rodeo

What happens when you put a clown in a room with 1000 ping pong balls? KING PONG! KING PONG’S PING PONG RODEO is a truly unique variety show that dares to ask: When is enough, enough? How much is TOO much? Why do Americans go so far? KING PONG combines two of America’s favorite pastimes,…
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