Double Bill: Arti-Chaut

Arti-Chaud crop

‘Arti-Chaut’ is a one-woman multidisciplinary show created and performed by Sarah Peterson, capturing what humor can be derived from the most hopeless situations.

This piece follows a young woman rushing home from her dreary job to welcome a gentleman over for dinner. As she flips, fumbles, rushes and stumbles through these preparations, we see her tenacity and efforts to make something go right when everything seems to work against her. Appreciating the work some women put into anticipated evenings, ‘Arti-Chaut’ makes it clear that we are often our own worst enemies, and we can all benefit from sitting back and allowing ourselves to have a laugh at our expense once in a while.

Director: George Mougias
Creator/Performer: Sarah Peterson

Arti-Chaut, part of the Double Bill
Thurs June 11, 6pm
Sat June 13, 6pm
Sun June 14, 5:30pm

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