A Funeral For Clowns

Underneath a clown’s painted smile is a soul that wants to be remembered. These clowns have clown spouses, clown children, clown siblings, clown army buddies with clown PTSD; this is how they live, and as such, this is how they die. Like everyone else, these clowns are not immune to the keening sorrow that loss of a loved one brings, and in their own fashion, they must work through said loss to the best of their (oftentimes limited) abilities. Though the world these clowns inhabit is heightened, colourful, ridiculous, and delightfully absurd, the stages of grief with which they struggle are all too real. A Funeral For Clowns is what happens when a dysfunctional family of red-nosed pill poppers, curmudgeons, and narcoleptics come together to pay their respects and share in the proverbial last laugh – welcome to the world between laughter and tears that A Funeral For Clowns calls home.

Playwright: Vincenzo Aliberti | Director: Teodoro Dragonieri | Stage Manager: Kjell Cawsey | Scenographer: Matthew Pochwalowski | Performers: Geoffrey Armour, Valerie Cina, Joanne D’Angelo, Marcel Dragonieri, Isaac Kessler, Kat Letwin and Mirela Pilaf | Zanni Arte Productions




May 29th @ 8pm, May 30th @ 6:30pm, June 2nd @ 5:30pm

Pia Bouman Studio Theatre – 6 Noble St.

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